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News image A Commitment to Holistic Education - A Commitment to Holistic Education News
A Commitment to Holistic Education
This week, our students embarked on an exciting and educational trip to Bristol to delve deeply into the city's rich history and explore its iconic landmarks.
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News image Empowering Pursuits of Passion - Empowering Pursuits of Passion News
Empowering Pursuits of Passion
It has been an exceptionally vibrant and busy week for our Art department, with students having the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of professional screen-printing. The week also saw our talented artists showcase their creativity and skill in the highly anticipated annual ISA Art Competition. 
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News image Enrichment Week - Enrichment Week News
Enrichment Week
Last week, students enjoyed a break from their regular studies during Enrichment week, a week designed to provide engaging and fun activities while fostering learning and personal growth.
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News image Our Year 12 Students Shine in their IELTS Results - Our Year 12 Students Shine in their IELTS Results News
IELTS Results
As we head into Enrichment Week and the first half of the summer term comes to a close, we want to offer a massive congratulations to our Year 12 students who have received their IELTS results. 
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News image Open House - Open House News
Open House
It was a real pleasure to welcome families from both the local area and further afield to our campus. The event provided a fantastic opportunity for visitors to learn more about OICB, interact with our passionate teachers, and meet our ambitious students, who, as always, proved to be incredible ambassadors for our college. 
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News image A girl smiling with friends Blog
Wellbeing at OICB

At OICB, we firmly believe that the foundation for achieving academic success lies in the health and happiness of each and every student. With this core belief at the forefront of our approach, we have cultivated a culture where wellbeing is not just an afterthought, but rather, it is woven into everything that we do. 

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News image Image_OICB_Brighton_2023_262 Blog
The Super Curricular Programme

At OICB, we pride ourselves on our ground-breaking Super Curricular programme, which serves as a cornerstone in nurturing students to achieve their long-term aspirations. Through six comprehensive strands, encompassing further personal development and university application, students curate a robust portfolio of experiences, qualifications and awards, setting them apart in a competitive landscape.

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News image Untitled design (29) Blog
Revision Guidance

As College students, the journey towards academic success often involves mastering the art of revision. With exams looming on the horizon, it’s essential for students to equip themselves with the right strategies to make the most of their study time. This blog highlights key revision guidance and techniques to help students navigate this crucial period.

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News image posting 1 drama News
A Profound Love for Literature
In a dazzling display of talent and dedication, Year 9 students at OICB took centre stage to present a rendition of Shakespeare's timeless classic, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.
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News image Image_OICB_Brighton_2023_292 News
Celebrating British Science Week
We celebrated British Science Week. Through a series of fun and engaging activities, students explored the wonders of science, from studying animal conservation through the ages to deciphering the celestial clock, our activities provided a week of discovery and fascination.
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News image Image_OICB_Brighton_2023_301 Blog
Our Scientific Approach
At OICB, we take pride in our commitment to fostering academic excellence and a forward-thinking approach to science education. Our science department stands as a beacon of innovation, providing students with an enriching experience that extends far beyond textbooks. 
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News image World Book Day - World Book Day News
World Book Day
In the spirit of intellectual exploration and a shared love for literature, our campus celebrated World Book Day. The day was marked by several exciting initiatives, making it an unforgettable experience for students and staff members.
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News image The Southern Schools Book Awards - Celebrating the Importance of Reading News
The Southern School Book Awards
On Friday 23rd February, our Year 9 Reading Challenge winners attended the Southern Schools Book Award, held at Hurstpierpoint College.
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News image INSIGHTS | OIC Brighton - INSIGHTS Blog
'The Generative Generation' from INSIGHTS
In a world dominated by technological advancements, the latest article from Nord Anglia Education, 'Insights', titled 'The Generative Generation', delves into the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on education. This thought-provoking piece navigates the landscape of benefits and challenges posed by AI in shaping the future of learning.

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News image The Year of the Dragon | OIC Brighton - The Year of the Dragon News
Chinese New Year
As the vibrant hues of red and gold adorned our campus, students came together to celebrate the joyous occasion of the Chinese New Year. The festivities unfolded with enthusiasm, as the campus community embraced the rich cultural traditions and symbolism associated with the Lunar New Year. This marked a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange and unity as students from diverse backgrounds joined in the celebration.
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News image Our Super Curricular Programme | OIC Brighton - Our Super Curricular Programme Blog
Our Super Curricular Programme
At OICB we are continuously seeking innovative ways to enrich the learning experiences for our students'. Every student's journey to success extends beyond academics, and our transformative Super Curricular Programme, managed by Tom Galvin, Super Curricular Manager, has been designed to build key knowledge, skills, and experience that will benefit our students' throughout their College, University and professional lives. The nature of the programme prepares our students' to navigate the complexities of the real world. They develop problem-solving skills, adaptability, and a broader perspective that are crucial for success in a rapidly changing global landscape. 
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News image A Scottish Tradition - A Scottish Tradition News
A Scottish Tradition
Last week, our Year 9 and 10 students learnt about Burns Night and Scottish culture. Burns night is a tradition, celebrated every year on the 25th January in honour of Robert Burns, who is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland.

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News image Artistry in Speech | OIC Brighton - Artistry in Speech News
Artistry in Speech
Articulation is a national public speaking competition run by The National Gallery.  It engages young people with art and develops their confidence and ability to express their opinions, thoughts and conclusions. A programme of activities takes place nationally and, increasingly internationally. 
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