Nord Anglia
18 June, 2024

NAE-UNICEF Student Summit

NAE-UNICEF Student Summit - NAE-UNICEF Student Summit
Pioneers of the Future
We are proud to share that a select group of students from OICB have attended this year's highly anticipated NAE-UNICEF Student Summit in Texas. This summit is part of the ongoing Nord Anglia Education collaboration with UNICEF, aimed at empowering students to become proactive global citizens through education and advocacy. 

Over the past year, our students have been deeply engaged in raising awareness of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals by leading impactful social projects. These initiatives not only highlight critical global issues but also propose innovative solutions, reflecting the creativity and commitment of our student body. 

The theme of this year's summit is innovation, providing our students with an unparalleled opportunity to participate in workshops designed to enhance their advocacy skills, encourage collaborative thinking, and inspire community-driven change. They will be presenting their projects to a diverse audience, including international peers, educators and UNICEF representatives. 

During the summit, our students will present their projects, showcasing the hard work behind their initiatives aimed at addressing specific Sustainable Development Goals. They will collaborate with international peers, engaging with students from around the world to exchange ideas, experiences and strategies for global improvement. Students will also lead discussions, facilitating and contributing to discussions on pressing global issues, fostering a deeper understanding and broader perspective on sustainable development. 

We are immensely proud of our students' dedication to making a difference and are excited to see their innovative solutions they will propose to advance sustainable development goals. Their participation in this summit underscores our commitment to nurturing future leaders who are equipped to drive positive change on a global scale.