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13 June, 2024

A Commitment to Holistic Education

A Commitment to Holistic Education - A Commitment to Holistic Education
A Journey Through History, Art and Engineering
This week, our students set off on an exciting and educational trip to Bristol to explore the city's rich history and iconic landmarks. From the moment they set foot in the city, the students were immersed in a series of engaging activities and visits to historic sites, each designed to broaden their horizons and enhance their appreciation of the city's unique heritage. 

Their first stop was the Wills Memorial Building and Tower, a key site for exams and graduation ceremonies. It also houses the University of Bristol's School of Law, School of Earth Sciences, Library and Debating Chamber. Students had the unique opportunity to climb to the top of the tower and ring "Great George", the 7th largest bell in the UK. The trip continued at the Floating Harbour, where students explored the waterfront and visited the Arnolfini Gallery to see contemporary works on display. 

The next day, students began at Cabot Tower, where they climbed to the top floor for views of Bristol. The tower is named after John Cabot, the explorer who was the first from Western Europe to discover Canada. Next, they located several Banksy murals scattered throughout the city, as Bristol is the artists hometown. After a brief visit to the new shopping centre, the students toured the old city, navigating its twisting streets and markets. The day concluded with a visit to "The Matthew", a faithful replica of the ship Cabot sailed across the Atlantic. In the evening, some students relaxed with bowling and arcade games.

The following day, after a hearty breakfast, students explored the Georgian and Elizabethan houses in Bristol, gaining insight into life during those eras. Next, they visited the observatory, enjoying its stunning views over Bristol and the Avon Gorge. The day continued with a guided tour of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, where students learned about the renowned engineering that Bristol is famous for. 

This trip combined learning and leisure, offering unforgettable experiences and showcasing the enriching extracurricular opportunities OICB offers.