Nord Anglia
26 April, 2024

The Super Curricular Programme

Everything You Need To Excel
At OICB, we pride ourselves on our ground-breaking Super Curricular programme, which serves as a cornerstone in nurturing students to achieve their long-term aspirations. Through six comprehensive strands, encompassing further personal development and university application, students curate a robust portfolio of experiences, qualifications and awards, setting them apart in a competitive landscape.

Future Focused and Academically Rigorous to Inspire Excellence

The essence of our Super Curricular Programme lies in its focus on student career pathways, elevating extra-curricular engagement to what we term 'Super Curricular’. Comprising three fundamental elements - academic excellence, personal development, and career and university preparation – this programme not only enriches the college experience but also lays a strong foundation for our students’ future endeavours.


Recognising the importance of academic achievement for university admission, we equally value the significance of additional experiences and qualifications. As highlighted by Tom Galvin, our Super Curricular Manager, we acknowledge the need for students to stretch themselves beyond academic results, fostering holistic development. “Students need good academic results for entry into top universities. However, we equally recognise that many students have this. Therefore, we think about anything else the students have done or can do to stretch and develop themselves as a student and what they can offer in terms of extra certificates and qualifications”.


Central to our programme’s success are the six distinct strands that begin in the classroom and extend into various avenues for exploration- beyond the syllabus, competitions, clubs and societies, further personal development, university options and applying to university. With a collective commitment to maximising students’ potential, we go beyond the standard syllabus, integrating diverse opportunities such as competitions, certificates, and awards to enhance students’ knowledge and skills. “I love the Super Curricular Programme. There is a variety of clubs and societies to get involved with and I attend activities that align with what I want to do in the future”, Marie, Year 11.


Testament to the programme’s efficacy are the numerous academic competitions available to our students, including Olympiads in Science and Mathematics. In a recent Biology Olympiad our students were rewarded well deserved certificates, with silver putting our students in the top 10% and bronze in the top 15%. Supported by department heads, we ensure students have access to these events, fostering a culture of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity. Moreover, participation in initiatives like the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) provide further academic development. “The EPQ is a project that students choose to embark on during their time at OICB. For my EPQ, I am planning to focus on either researching the gut Microbiota or Epigenetics. I think this is a really fascinating area of research as it is still relatively new. It’s a privilege to be on the leading edge of potential discovery”, Kai, Year 12.


As students’ progress towards sixth form, our focus sharpens on university and career preparation. Individualised support, including university application assistance and career guidance sessions, equips students with the tools for success beyond college.


Diverse Range of Experiences for Bespoke Pathways

Our extensive range of clubs and societies, led by both staff and students, caters to diverse interests, fostering a vibrant community of learners. With a designated Super Curriculum slot, students can explore activities ranging from Chemistry and Biology clubs to sports and arts, enriching their college experience. “There is Super Curricular every day and there is a lot to choose from. My favourite club is Robotics. We are currently making a small robot from scratch”, Michael, Year 9. Mara, Year 11, takes part in Chemistry and Biology club and says that “we usually do experiments that help us to improve our practical skills for our exams”. Sport provision also falls into the Super Curricular activities, counting towards students personal development. We offer sports facilities on site such as the sports field and the gym, but also offsite provision where students can go to local sports centres or take part in organised sports fixtures with other schools. “I do Brighton Football coaching, whereby a coach from Brighton Football club comes to the College and teaches us the fundamentals of football” Alp, Year 10. Golie, Year 10, further explains “The coach teaches us new skills and how to improve our mentality”. To hear more about what our students think of this programme, click here.


Our commitment to the Duke of Edinburgh Award underscores our dedication to holistic development. The award encompasses volunteering, leadership skills, physical activity and expeditions. The programme has 3 levels; bronze, silver and gold. Each level takes between 3-18 months to complete depending on the level. At OICB we have 28 students that have gone for the gold award, reflecting the dedication and ambition of our student body.


Holistic Growth with a Global Perspective

Beyond academic pursuits, we prioritise holistic growth, offering educational trips and conferences that broaden  students’ horizons. Enrichment weeks strike a balance between educational exploration and social interaction, nurturing a growth mindset essential for success. Students have been involved with trips to London Globe Theatre and London Science Museum, whilst on campus we have had team building events, reading challenges, mindfulness and workshops. Students have also had the opportunity to visit Oxford for a networking event, a lunch at Cambridge and a Biograd experience. Tom Galvin, Super Curricular Manager, talks more about this in our webinar on the Super Curricular Programme.


Access to platforms like the online library and Global Campus further enhances students’ learning experiences, fostering collaboration and intellectual exchange on a global scale. With guidance from strategy tutors, students navigate opportunities aligned with their goals, ensuring a personalised approach to their development. Strategy tutors monitor what students are doing to ensure that they are taking advantage of the opportunities that are there, whilst tracking their academic performance. Based on this information, they offer advice to students on which Super Curricular activities they should be taking up to maximise their chances of getting a place at their chosen university destination. Strategy tutors can suggest new avenues for students and help them get the most out of their time.


In conclusion, our Super Curricular Programme stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. By providing a diverse array of opportunities, we empower students to explore their passions, deepen their knowledge, and cultivate essential skills for success in their academic and professional journeys.