Nord Anglia
10 June, 2024

Empowering Pursuits of Passion

Empowering Pursuits of Passion - Empowering Pursuits of Passion
Students Dive into Professional Screen-Printing and Host Annual ISA Art Competition
Our Art department has had an exceptionally busy and exciting week, showcasing the creativity and skills of Year 12 students Polina, Mia and Theta. Over three days, these students worked in the professional screen-printing studio, East Side Print, in Brighton. This experience was the culmination of their photography project and contributed to their end-of-year assessment.

At the studio, they received a comprehensive introduction to the screen-printing process, working with photo-stencils on A3 mesh and using a UV exposure unit. They learned to set up and print using vacuum beds, mix inks, register prints and explore overprinting with paper stencils. They prepared their images in Photoshop to create high-contrast photo-stencils, experimented with colour blends and mono-printing and combined collage elements with their chosen colour palettes.

This workshop proved to be immensely fulfilling and productive, resulting in imagery that featured elements of architecture, interior spaces, figures, transport, childhood memories and nature.

In addition to the workshop, we were very proud as a College to host the annual ISA Art Competition. This prestigious event invites participation from all ISA schools, providing an excellent platform for students to showcase their artistic talents and for teachers to share innovative ideas. The competition celebrated artistic expression and fostered a vibrant community of aspiring artists and educators dedicated to the arts. Several of our students had work displayed, highlighting their creativity and skill.

This dynamic week has not only enriched the students' creative journeys but also underscored the thriving and supportive environment within our Art department.