Nord Anglia
26 March, 2024

A Profound Love for Literature

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A Midsummer Night's Dream
In a dazzling display of talent and dedication, Year 9 students at OICB took centre stage to present a rendition of Shakespeare's timeless classic, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
Under the guidance of their passionate Drama Teacher, Anna Landi, the students spent weeks immersing themselves in the world of Shakespearean theatre, honing their acting skills and delving deep into the complexities of the language. Their hard work and dedication were evident in every scene.

From the mischievous antics of Puck to the tangled love affairs of the Athenian lovers, the students' love for literature shone brightly on stage, as they embraced the opportunity to explore the rich themes and plot of Shakespeare's masterpiece.

The performance not only showcased the hard work and determination of our students but also celebrated the enduring legacy of Shakespearean theatre. The performance served as a powerful reminder of the timeless relevance of Shakespeare's works and their ability to resonate across generations.

We applaud our talented performers and staff members for their dedication and passion in bringing this iconic play to life.