Nord Anglia
11 March, 2024

World Book Day

World Book Day - World Book Day
The power of stories, knowledge and shared literary passions

In the spirit of intellectual exploration and a shared love for literature, our campus celebrated World Book Day. The day was marked by several exciting initiatives, making it an unforgettable experience for both students and staff members.

Firstly, we were excited to announce that we have extended our library collection. Our new library collection in Turing Common Room will inspire our Year 12 students to focus on academic excellence, personal growth and career preparation, reading beyond their A-Level curriculum and engaging with challenging and stimulating academic texts. This new addition to our centralised library is part of our vision for books to be widely available throughout the OIC Brighton campus. 

We also had 'A Book to Keep' event, where students from Year 9,10 and 11 came to the Peacock Library before their Super Curricular Higher Education and Careers Workshops, to choose a book to enjoy reading.

Furthermore, to celebrate World Book Day, our students shared their love for literature, embracing the power of stories to inspire, enlighten, and unite our diverse community. From classic literature to contemporary gems, the variety of choices reflect the diverse interests and passions within our student body, a community bonded by the love of reading. Watch the video here

Our dedicated staff embraced the festivities by dressing up as characters from their favourite books. The enthusiasm with which the staff participated created a vibrant atmosphere that left an indelible mark on the World Book Day celebrations. 

Our celebrations served as a reminder that the love for literature is a unifying force within our College community. The day was not just about celebrating books but also about embracing the profound impact that they have on our lives, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and building connections through shared stories.