Nord Anglia
12 February, 2024

Chinese New Year

The Year of the Dragon | OIC Brighton - The Year of the Dragon
The Year of the Dragon
The campus was transformed into a visual spectacle of Chinese New Year traditions, with red lanterns and paper cut-outs adorning common areas and student spaces. The festive atmosphere set the stage for a series of events and activities that highlighted the significance of the Year of the Dragon. 

One of the highlights of the celebrations was the diverse array of Chinese cuisine. The dining hall featured special menus with traditional dishes symbolizing good fortune, prosperity, and longevity. Students relished the opportunity to try new flavours and share the experience of enjoying authentic Chinese delicacies with friends and fellow classmates. 

To further immerse the campus in the festive spirit, students organised a concert made up of cultural performances showcasing traditional Chinese arts. 

The vibrant and inclusive Chinese New Year celebrations showcased the beauty of cultural diversity on our campus. As students and faculty came together to honour traditions, share experiences, and create lasting memories, the festivities served as a reminder of the importance of fostering understanding and unity among our diverse community.