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05 February, 2024

Our Super Curricular Programme

Our Super Curricular Programme | OIC Brighton - Our Super Curricular Programme
Our Super Curricular Programme
A central focus of the programme is the development of critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to question assumptions, analyse information critically, and articulate well-reasoned arguments. These skills are invaluable not only in academic settings but also in various professional and personal contexts.

While our regular curriculum focuses on subject-specific knowledge and skills, the Super Curricular approach delves into broader intellectual exploration. It encourages students' to pursue independent learning and develop a well-rounded understanding of their chosen field, aiming to foster intellectual curiousity, critical thinking, and a passion for life-long learning, whilst creating a strong portfolio of experiences that will help them stand out from the crowd. "I love the Super Curricular activities, especially Biology and Chemistry club. I enjoy these clubs because we get to do new practical's and have the opportunity to do experiments that we don't do in the curriculum. I have also recently joined Taekwondo which is very interesting and it has been fun to do something a bit different". Marie, Year 11.

At OIC Brighton, we also regularly host guest lectures and workshops by experts in various fields. This global exposure allows students to experience different cultures and perspectives, enhance their adaptability and personal growth, and have more of an understanding of real-world issues and challenges.

At OIC Brighton, we encourage students to grow their own interests and hobbies by creating or being involved in student led societies. Students are provided with the opportunity to meet with the Super Curricular team to see how they can best support them to get their society up and running. Our student-led clubs and societies nurture individual talents, giving our young people the opportunity to bond over shared interests. Whatever your passion, whether it's Science, Sports, Art, or something a little bit different, there is something for everyone to enjoy at OICB. "The Super Curricular activities here at OICB are great; I have a club that I can go to everyday and we are given the opportunity to create new student-led clubs. I am part of a group of students who founded the Student Meditation Club. I have also joined Tap-dancing Club which is something I have never done before but I am really enjoying". Bahri, Year 12.

Our Super Curricular Programme stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing well-rounded, intellectually curious individuals. By offering a comprehensive approach to education, we ensure that our students not only excel in their academic pursuits but also emerge as critical thinkers and lifelong learners ready to tackle the challenges of the future.