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OIC Brighton Open House
2022 University Offers - October
2023 University Offers
OIC Success in British Mathematical Olympiad - October
Meet the most recent OIC alumni!
First inter-school Model United Nations Conference
OIC celebrating its best ever A-Level results - October
OIC Hosts UK Space Design Competition - October
Artistry in Speech
A Scottish Tradition
Our Super Curricular Programme
Chinese New Year
'The Generative Generation' from INSIGHTS
The Southern School Book Awards
World Book Day
Our Scientific Approach
Celebrating British Science Week
A Profound Love for Literature
Revision Guidance
The Super Curricular Programme
Wellbeing at OICB
Open House
IELTS Results
Enrichment Week
Empowering Pursuits of Passion
A Commitment to Holistic Education
NAE-UNICEF Student Summit